Content Marketing

Every company has a story that only it is positioned to tell.
Finding yours isn’t always easy. We can help you build a B2B tech content marketing strategy that identifies that story, identifies the right people you should be telling it to, and the best way to get that story in front of them.
Our Approach To Content
Our content marketing process starts with conversations. We want to know more about your products and services and where the company is headed. We want to know more about your buyers and your brand. Most importantly, we want to know about your goals.
Knowing more about you allows us to develop a plan that will get the right message in front of the right audience in the right format and create metrics that will tell us if we are accomplishing your goals.
Time to execute on that plan — creating videos, writing copy, developing microsites, designing infographics — and bring it to life. We'll regularly assess the performance of that content and make sure it's accomplishing what you want it to.


What would you like to know?
What is B2B content marketing, and how is it different from B2C content marketing?
B2B content marketing and B2C content marketing aren’t that different at a fundamental level. Both use content — for us, that’s anything that a potential customer interacts with — to create brand affinity and influence buying decisions. Where B2B content marketing and B2C content marketing diverge is in how easy it is to influence that decision. That’s even more true when you start talking about B2B technology content marketing. The B2C buying process is often much shorter and includes fewer stakeholders. In B2B — and, again, especially B2B tech — the amount of the purchase is often six or seven figures, and the number of people involved in the decision is much higher. That means that it naturally takes longer. We tend to tell clients that content marketing doesn’t necessarily shorten your sales cycle, but what it should do is give your salespeople leads who have independently worked their way through at least some part of the buying process.
What is included in a B2B content marketing strategy?
A B2B content marketing strategy should start with research and identifying your buyer. It should also include industry and competitor analysis to find the gaps in the market where your message might fit. Then, armed with that knowledge, you develop brand messaging. After that, you get that message in front of buyers in the format that they tell you they prefer. For some companies that means concentrating on blog posts and white papers. For others, it means focusing on video and social media. For all companies, though, you should be doing some of everything. Your buyers are all different in their preferences and your B2B content marketing strategy should include ways to reach them all.
What is Jacob Media Holding approach to content marketing, and how is it different?
The traditional “They ask/You answer” approach to content marketing doesn’t work like it used to. With blogs and whitepapers becoming B2B content marketing table stakes, they aren’t as effective as they used to be. They are still necessary, but they can’t be your only tactic. Today, you have to take a new approach to build an audience and maintain their attention. You do that by concentrating your content marketing efforts on telling stories and focusing on narratives that are authentic to your brand. We use those stories to help bring attention to your brand, build fans, and turn those fans into champions that will tell others about you and, eventually, become your customers.
How does B2B content marketing differ from digital marketing and inbound marketing?
Content marketing and digital marketing are techniques that work together. B2B content marketing helps build awareness for your brand and then creates an affinity for it. Once you have created those brand fans and have them in your funnel, you then use digital marketing and inbound marketing to keep your content in front of them so you can maintain that attention you worked so hard for. Then, when those champions are ready to become customers, you use digital or inbound marketing to nurture them along that path to a close.
What can content marketing do for you?
Done right, B2B content marketing helps you find the stories your brand is uniquely positioned to tell. It helps you find the audiences that want to hear those stories. And then it helps you tell those stories in ways that connect most with your audience. It helps you build fans of your brand that you can then market directly to and turn them into customers when they are ready for a solution like yours.
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