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Jacob Media Holding has worked very hard to be more than that. That's why we call ourselves a unified agency.
Most agencies consider themselves "integrated" communications or marketing firms oday. What that usually means, in practice, is that these agencies sell a cafeteria of services delivered by a group of individuals separated into silos. Integrated means parts coordinated to form a whole; unified means speaking with a single voice. We are unified in using trust signals® to help our clients Grow With TRUST™.
Jacob Media Holding in-house writers and editors bring decades of experience as journalists, developers and IT managers. Our creative team focuses on creating compelling visuals to explain complex technologies to non-technical buyers. Our dedicated PR team concentrates its time and energy pitching top business journalists and influencers. They all speak with the same voice for you — through services designed to lead B2B customers along the breadcrumb trail to purchase.
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